The Appeal of Double Draw

The Appeal of Double Draw

When you first start playing this game, you may notice it has some similarities with 5-card-draw poker. Though that game has only one draw, in Double Draw you will have two opprortunities to improve your hand as you’ve probably guessed. In both, each player is dealt five cards face down from which they need to create a winning hand.

You will see that Double Draw is mostly used in lowball games, such as California Lowball and Kansas City Lowball. Double Draw poker is played in the following way: you will have two rounds of drawing, during which you will have the option of discarding up to 3 cards, or none at all, depending on how strong your hand is. In lowball games, you need the lowest possible hand in order to win, so you should dismiss those Queens, Jacks, and Kings.

Starting Out

Double Draw poker uses a standard 52-card deck with the addition of two Jokers, that have the role of semi-wild cards. That means that you can use them only to complete your straight or royal flush, while in every other case, they are counted as Aces. Double Draw poker has one special characteristic that distinguishes it from the sea of other variants — you are not competing against the house, rather, against the pay table itself.

Remember that this game gives you somewhat higher chances of hitting a straight or a flush, considering the number of cards used. Also, that extra draw may not seem like a lot in theory, but it significantly adds up to the excitement of the game. Otherwise, you may take some time to get adjusted since you should aim for a low card poker hand.

The Game Progression

So, the game begins with the first betting round after which every player will receive 5 cards. This is the moment when any player can choose to fold, forfeiting their bets, or rather keep playing. If they choose the second option, they can draw up to 3 cards to complete the hand after dismissing the ones that are not the right fit. There is also an option of keeping the hand they already have and not drawing any additional cards, which would mean their hand is pretty strong as is.

In the second round, the players who want to continue can discard the cards that do not suit them once again, but this time they can draw only one additional card. After the last round of betting has ended, the players proceed to a showdown when they compare hands to decide the winner. The winning hand is a two-pair or better, which brings an even payout on the ante bet. In addition, you should make ante and bonus bets equal in Double Draw poker.

Ace to Five Lowball

In this game, otherwise known as California Lowball, the players chose which cards to discard and draw in order to achieve the perfect hand, which is 5-4-3-2-A. In this case, you can keep your cards, and drawing additional ones can bring you better chances of winning, assuming they are the lowest in value.

Moreover, the Joker card is used only in Single Draw version, where it is considered to be the best card you can get. When it comes to Double Draw, however, it is only used as an Ace, or for completing a flush or a straight, as we mentioned above.

Deuce to Seven Lowball

When you are playing Kansas City Lowball, as this game is better known, you need to avoid Aces, since they are considered to be high and will decrease your chances of getting the perfect hand. Thus, the winning hand comprises the following cards 7-5-4-3-2. Since straights and flushes do count, you should discard them as soon as you get the chance.


Double Draw poker is a fairly new game on the market, but it has captured the hearts of many players around the world quite fast. Its rules can be applied when playing different games, such as lowball which we mentioned above. Slowly but surely, Double Draw poker is taking center stage and assuming its rightful place in the casino gaming industry.

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